Transformative Dustless Shower Replacement in Madison, AL

Homeowners in Madison, Alabama were looking for a contractor who could provide dustless shower replacement services. Their existing shower was a boring, builder-grade, fiberglass insert. Although the prefabricated shower was still functional, it made our clients feel like they were living in a rental home. They dreamed of a luxurious, spa-like tile shower. After doing their homework to find a reputable company, they decided to hire Madison Pro Services.

About the Project

Preparing the Workspace for Dustless Shower Replacement

We understand that homeowners expect us to protect the surfaces surrounding our work area, maintain as much cleanliness as possible, and keep dust out of the other living spaces. Taking the necessary precautions and properly preparing our workspace is something we do on every project.


For this dustless shower replacement, our setup included:

  • ShuBee® BeeArmor® and Ram Board surface protection
  • Masking tape and plastic
  • Magnetic door and plastic zip wall
  • HEPA air scrubber and window duct in the bathroom
  • HEPA air scrubber outside the bathroom door

Once our dust extraction system was installed, we removed the old shower fiberglass insert. We also removed the old shower valve and capped the pipe to secure it until plumbers could tend to it later.


Substrate Preparation for Shower Replacement

With tile installation, properly preparing the surfaces that will support the tile is critical, especially in a wet environment like a bathroom. The existing subfloor material had been known to swell and degrade with moisture exposure. We removed it and installed a thicker and more moisture-resistant subfloor material.

The existing walls were slightly tilted and the angles were not aligned properly. With the shower insert, these imperfections were not very noticeable, but with the straight, clean lines of tile, these imperfections would become obvious. We performed the necessary adjustments using Built with Foam shims, making everything plumb, square, and ready for tile.


The Shower Pan and Waterproofing

For the shower pan, Jacob Wiseman, Owner of Madison Pro Services, preferred using “tried and true” fortified mortar, providing a solid foundation that can last a lifetime.

We installed high-quality Laticrete products for the shower walls and waterproofing, including HYDRO BAN® Board, designed to protect against any water or vapor intrusion, HYDRO BAN® waterproofing/crack isolation membrane, and HYDRO BAN® Adhesive & Sealant.

For this shower, we chose to use a FloFX Traditional Bond Flange Drain.

The homeowners decided to include a beautiful, luxurious, and highly functional upgrade to their shower: an Infinity Niche running the entire length of the back wall with an Illuminiche LED light channel and dimmer switch. This feature will provide convenient storage, plus lighting that can be adjusted to create the desired atmosphere, from dim and relaxing to bright and invigorating.

The patent pending magnetic coupling system is a revolutionary design that gives you peace of mind. Not only does it provide custom lighting placement, it also eliminates the need for costly tear outs if the lights ever need to be serviced. – Illuminiche

We also performed a 24-hour flood test prior to tile installation.


Shower Replacement: Tile Shower Installation

The homeowners selected the perfect tile for this project, Contessa™ Oro 12″x24″ tile.

Pure, simple, relaxing, Contessa™ is a true jewel adding timeless value to any space. – Emser Tile

For the sill, bench, curb, and the custom floating niche (inside the Infinity Niche), our clients chose engineered marble.

We asked a lot of questions before installing the first tile to be sure that the design would meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. For example, the homeowners wanted us to use the hexagon mosaic tile installed on the shower pan on the back of niche.

They also described the size and placement of the custom floating bench.

We were happy to oblige these and other smart design decisions.


For the tile installation, we used:

NOTE: One of the perks of the grout these homeowners selected is that it has Microban® antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

We performed a second flood test after tile installation.


Plumbing by Madison Plumbing Service

Madison Plumbing Service installed the new shower head.

Emerge™ Shower Column adds an upscale look to your showering space, with European-inspired design that makes a big impact. The Delta Emerge Shower Column transforms shower spaces without plumbing through the ceiling and works with any Delta shower head for a fully customizable experience. The shower column is designed for single or shared operation with a shower head and hand shower… it serves to replace existing shower arms, eliminating the need for additional valve modification behind the wall. – Delta Faucet Company


We take care of the little details…

We take pride in being problem solvers. Here are a few things we took care of that fall outside the umbrella of tile installation.

  • Moisture problem resolved. The homeowners told us they were having some moisture problems in the attic related to this bathroom. Upon inspection, we discovered the problem and came up with a solution. We installed a ReVent humidity-sensing fan with a built-in timer in the shower. The existing exhaust fan in this bathroom was not ducted out of the roof, so we installed a new roof boot and an insulated 4″ duct from both fans out through the roof. The homeowners will no longer need to worry about moist air from this bathroom getting trapped in the attic.
  • New light installed. We removed the old, outdated can light and replaced it with a new, 8″ recessed LED light. We centered the new light over the shower, and it looks amazing.
  • Drywall repair. Our dustless shower replacement and tile installation quote included any necessary drywall repair and touch ups.
  • Baseboard replaced and finished. Not only did we put the baseboard back, we added a quarter round return to give it a nice, finished look. This is something we always do. Wiseman said, “[It’s a] nice little extra detail that you may not get with other companies.”


In this video, Wiseman describes this dustless shower replacement project.

The homeowners were completely satisfied with our professionalism and our quality of craftsmanship. They absolutely love their gorgeous new shower, and our dustless shower replacement methods.

To learn more, visit our Tile Shower Installation page.

Dustless Shower Replacement
See for yourself in this BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) image the dramatic difference our dustless shower replacement services made in this bathroom.

Are you ready to replace your shower insert with an elegant tile installation? Contact us online or call 256-261-0248 today for a free estimate on tile shower installation services. We are Madison, Alabama’s preferred tile installers.