About Us

Madison Pro Services, LLC, is a small, local, American, family owned and operated business.


Madison Pro Services, LLC, is a small, local, American, family owned and operated business.

I am a CTEF nationally Certified Tile Installer, there’s only 3 of us in the metro Huntsville area, who have had the dedication and expertise to go through what it takes to prove our knowledge base and abilities to an independent third party organization to become certified. It’s not required but it highlights my skill set and shows my commitment to abiding by industry standards in an otherwise unlicensed trade.

(Visit https://www.ceramictilefoundation.org/why-tile-installation-certification for more info on CTEF installers)
We offer high quality, lasting tile installations as well as masonry repairs, and tuckpointing.


We have decades of experience, knowledge, and skill, and offer a remodeling experience that sets the bar for excellence, and is matched by few.

We always strive for great stewardship when we are in your home, going to any length necessary to protect your home, and your health.

We use plastic to seal off areas of the home, with
hepa filters to ensure your home is free from dust, and debris.

We cover any floors we walk upon, from your door, all the way to the area where we are working.

Taking notes to ensure accuracy, and always following up with you to be certain that you are 100% satisfied that the project was completed, as specified in the detailed estimate and contract, as well as to your own personal level of taste and distinction. We have references available upon request, and even showers and floors that I have installed, that you can go see in person.

We are here to help you with most any of your remodeling needs:

We are passionate, and love what we do.
We believe that our passion, and dedication to high quality remodeling show in every detail we craft, and every project completed.

Call today and schedule your free estimate.

-Jacob Wiseman.
-Madison Pro Services, LLC.
Licensed and insured, and certified.
CTI #1774